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1. PRE project: The Wave-Box

1. Manufacture and sale of our ultrasound device,

the Wave-Box

• 5 years of development

• 2 years of marketing

• Good reference projects providing excellent proof of its effectiveness


Widespread interest, including from abroad

Can be retrofitted to any existing biogas plant or incorporated into new plants



Benefits Wave-Box: a wide range of effects

• Raising the concentration of methane in the biogas

• Increased gas production by 10%–20%

• Improved biological system stability

• Improved viscosity

• Reduction of the biogas plant's own-power consumption

• Ecological effects in the agricultural industry from the reduction of residual gas emissions during storage and application

• Increased plant availability in the soil

• Increasing the efficiency of existing biogas plants by reducing the amount of feedstock

• Reduction of wear on mechanical system parts and the improvement of the fuel gas properties of the biogas

• Lower maintenance costs, e.g. two-year cycle

• Continuous remote monitoring and optimisation by the manufacturer

• Easy financing by leasing or hire purchase

• Amortisation period 2-4 years

• Bypass circuit operation means no direct interference with the existing plant



Use Wave-Box

- Biogas systems for existing and new plants

- Waste water treatment plants (suitable for aerobic or anaerobic systems)

- Waste treatment systems with anaerobic process stages



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