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2. PRE project:

Flexibilisation of biogas plants

A biogas plant is a flexible all-rounder!


Flexibilisation pays off:

Additional potential yield!

High levels of flexibilisation are key to sustainable,

long-term operation

Short term: good rate of return on investment

Long term: good prospects indicated by renewable energies legislation



Flexibilisation allows a step-by-step approach


Planning sequence

• Flex Analysis provides the basis for decisions on future concepts

• Feasibility of using the heat energy? Local council, cooperative?

• Detailed design, cost estimate, decision

• Approvals design: Public electricity supply connection, pollution control (BImSch) and major accident legislation (StörfallVO)

• Financing



Investment project

• Addition of a CHP + transformer, extended gas storage (if necessary)

• Heating network: build new or extend, buffer storage

• Commissioning

• Confirmation of installed capacity by an environmental certification engineer

• Claim flexibility premium from the power grid operator + federal network agency (BNetzA)



Schedule operation

• Automatised schedule operation – electricity market


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