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Power Recycling Energyservice GmbH

Founded as a design office for renewable energy in 1995 by qualified engineer Norbert Rossow, the company's focus for the first few years after formation was mainly on the design of biogas plants, solar technology and local heating systems.


PRE fields of business

Norbert Rossow then set up a further company, PRV – Planungsbüro Rossow Gesellschaft für Versorgungstechnik mbH, which took over the biogas side of the business. Since then, the team has planned, designed and commissioned over 100 biogas plants, while building up many years of experience in their supervision and operation.


PRE research and development

Research and development has played an important role in the company right from the start.

This has led to the development of, for example, high-performance digesters, various hydrolysis processes and the Wave-Box, which are all designed to increase the efficiency of biogas production. Most recently, the company has applied ultrasound-based technology to break down complex organic structures and make their constituents available for biomethane production.

This field of business was taken back under the wing of PRE again this year. The employees involved, who have worked extensively on biogas plants, also moved over to PRE.



PRE research partners:

ATB Leibniz Institut für Agrartechnik und Bioökonomie e.V., Potsdam

Universität Rostock

Technische Universität Hamburg

Ege University Izmir, Turkey

DBFZ Leipzig

Institut für Niedertemperatur Plasmaphysik Greifswald (JNP Greifswald)


PRE cooperates with partners in the following countries:

Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy, Serbia, Denmark,

Spain, Chile, Thailand


PRE facts and figures:

Formation: 1995

Employees: 10

Expertise: The team comprises engineers, biologists and technicians

Business fields: Optimisation of biogas plants

Development of technologies to increase plant efficiency

Manufacture and sale of the Wave-Box

Experience: Involvement in the design of over 100 biogas plants

Participation in 10 successful research projects

Participation in obtaining international patents

Operation of Wave-Boxes, Kombi-hydrolysis systems and high-performance digesters



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